Show 32 Comedy Podcast...'It Was Her Idea' - burst 1


To, be a woman in the nineties but I just think that we're getting advice from all the wrong people. I just finished my copy of speaks. Apparently, he takes to. Here's her advice. You ladies taking a shower open your mouth very well, I let the water rushes strike your deep it acts as a water pick. I get the by leading. My skirt. We must stop hurt. Again. You Got James Damore beautiful British actors from the loser non-commercials. Christmas. Only. WanNa smell like the garden. That moult. Living Romantically. Involved two men WANNA live. Romantically. Women answering for men. Gee How unusual. Why men don't know what they want they've never heard the sound of their own voice. God gave the Ten Commandments to. Choice would have thought. That's what he said. But I really don't.

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