US wildfires fuelled by climate change, California governor says


Next radio lab where we put our own judicial system on trial. Radio Love Is that two o'clock this afternoon Also Sunday mornings at 3 A.m.. The news will be here in about 15 minutes or so, with the latest news about the smoke around the Bay Area, and Yeah, we do have smoke around the Bay Area all weekend. I'm Barbara Klein. With these headlines, talks to end the war in Afghanistan between the Taliban and the government started in Doha today, calling them historic. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says protecting everyone's rights is the best way to break the cycle of violence. California Governor Gavin Newsom says the debate over climate changes over after touring some of the state's charred terrain fires have been raging in California, Oregon and Washington for several weeks now. A newly formed tropical depression is off the coast of South Florida. Forecasters say it's likely to move into the Gulf of Mexico and strengthen into a tropical storm by tonight. I'm Barbara Klein. NPR news Support

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