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Name's Josh Aaron Spangler. Iraq founder of Angelina restaurant and Tilson. And today I'm going to show about signature dishes temporary tomatoes with actually pester. It's a super simple recipe to make it. Takes a little bit of time, but it's something that you can. Join and go back to go along the ingredients a quite flexible, so feel free to use whatever you having a Lotta what I'm going to start with start with the tomatoes. So, we're going to dry tomatoes very slowly. Low, temper off, so we're going to start a hundred degrees. Stop Prohibiting. For the tomatoes look for good quality heritage tomato with thick skin. We're GONNA look for about five to seven cents meters across GonNa. CUT THEM IN HALF WITH AIN'T GONNA. Drizzle a little bit of sugar. That salt time secret ingredient in the restaurant news does she granules? Get those that's amazing, little bit of time in the spice, splendor and then they. As well, just a little bit like seasoning. One sprint coo over the tomatoes, and we placed them at a preheated of two hundred degrees as I, said previously. We leave those for an hour. And then offer an hour. We turned down to about seventy five degrees, and we leave that for four or five hours. I'm going to move on to how you make the Pesto so again. This is super flexible. Don't panic! There's one ingredient missing substitutive something similar. It's really from thing to make so we start with some newly put capers then add salted anchovies. We add a big handful of parsley when I mentioned, these ingredients are like to go by large handful all in equal parts and keep tasting as you go along together to how you like him a handful of. A handful of activities, a big handful of Parsley, big handful of mint. If you have a couple of she leaves, if not comply with any green hub to nine suppliers, colic, some salt and pepper, a little touch of olive oil and the show chef secret. If outs, ice keeps you keep a beautiful green color. Now I recommend trying to keep your Pesto as dry as possible, so you're gonNA have to have a spatula to have this going to be quite difficult to get going in the blender, but the hard work has really really worth it once you've made that. I would put aside at the Fridge and get your favorite book out rate for three hours white for those to cook. About half an hour before you're ready, we're GONNA. Make ourselves a really simple type per. And, that's with two hundred and fifty grams off cornflour or Either a walk just the same five hundred grams preferably of zero zero pasta flour. If no plane flying will work, and then lead of Soda Walter Secret Hair has gotten. As cold as you can't put it in the fridge for a couple of hours, we'll put it in the freeze of ten minutes, and the code is the better result you're going to get in. A Pan on the side can have a source preferably with a thick bottom and we're going to start. Some flour oil to fry that's. Where aiming for about one sixty five degrees, which means that if you're doing a small source panel I recommend taking the oil two hundred ninety degrees that way when you drop the tomatoes and the temperature of the oil withdraw. They're gonNA cook really nicely when she reached about hundred and eighty degrees. You've gotta work quite quickly so you the oil we're going to take those beautiful Tamalpais dry out the other. We're GONNA dipped in the batter, and then straight into the oil and we're GONNA flip them. I would say often about ten seconds. Every now and again. I should be ready in about two minutes. If you touch the players, a pair of metal tongues, you'll see that he starts to get crispy outside on. That signifies that they're ready to think cooked already, so don't worry about it. Smells is just worry about how crispy batter as

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