Liquid Light Sauvignon Blanc 2018


Savvy on blocked twenty eight thirteen. It's from. Chateau St Michelle one their line of Wine successor mostly from the Force Haven Bills Avian and Some from the Yakima Valley Av. Wasn't all that long ago? That Washington state lines would have said Columbia Valley on the label, but they seem to be getting away from that. And pushing Washington state's rather than Columbia Valley and the Individual Av. Inside the Columbia Valley I don't know if people thought the Columbia. Valley was in California up. But. I think it's a good thing. Letting people know what what is good. And I don't really have a whole lot of experience with Washington State's Satyam, block. So it's GonNa, happen to drink this one, and it's not the same old same poll. I'm a notice got that Grassy Aroma. You get New Zealand, but not much else in New Zealand. And this. Liquid life has great acidity. It's. I like a white line where you. are reaching for another, SIP. Before you even think about Richard Precipitous this one does that. That's named after the fifth. Form of matter. What's the other four? Solid liquid gas and plasma. And what the fifth one is I don't know. I. Guess It's Liquid Light. and. It's going to attend. Branca's not the same old same old, but it tastes really I'm. kind of like taking a break from Saab on black, still drinking savvy beyond blunt. It's got a little bit of a husker mouth. Feel to it little bit more rounded with tarp waiver. You have tons of flavor tastes good. And I like it. It's one of those wines that you I tasted you. Know and then after a while ago. Yeah I. Do know it's pretty good. And it's named after some scientific thing that I don't understand so. It makes me feel dumb. I'll feel smarter after I drink. took another SIP. Because of the city does do that, too. So there you go, I don't have to say about this one. It's beyond blankets for summertime, if tastes great. chateau same Michelle knows how to make good value priced wines. They also make ion wines to. They have they have. The value winds down pretty good. It's named after science. Label expect wine tastes great. Go?

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