MLB Playoffs Preview


Okay. Let's get to the American theories start today obviously the headliner is the the series I'm going to be lucky enough to do starting at seven o'clock. Tonight we've got the Indians playing host to the Yankees you got Shane Bieber Garrett Cole a good old fashioned. Of Two aces one guy you know the best pitcher on the planet two years ago versus Shane Bieber's the best pitcher on the planet this year, what are you expecting in this series? Yeah. Mean this is going to be one of the best games of the entire postseason. I suspect you know what an unbelievable matchup shame bieber won. The MLB pitching triple crown wins the are strikeouts I gotta do that since Johan Santana and two, thousand six, and he not even be the most dominant picture in this game was Garrett Cole is pretty good. I looked up any postseason series game would match up and I might have missed one but the last. Game. One. Battle with a lower co by the area that I found was two thousand fourteen Clayton Kershaw as eerie won the MVP versus Adam wainwright who had a two three yards that year. So there's been some great ones we had Sherzer Colin game the world series last year, but this is just Terrific game one matchup for me the key thing in this series, and in this game, tonight is going to be how clean they play and I gotta say having watched the Yankees a lot this year they have not performed well on defense I was looking at defensive runs saved and there's no perfect measure of defensive play but the Indians were tied for second best in the regular season defensive run save they have an excellent defensive team Garrett Cole was talking about yesterday how the the Indians don't make mistakes in on the other hand. The Yankee seem to make a lot of mistakes the key guy for me in this series, labor. Taurus who has not had a good season he is not played well, defensively what about for you just some other factor that's jumping out of you. Yeah. I wasn't good point on the defense I watch Erin Moods game session the other day Friday or Saturday they made a bunch of airs and the look on his face was just discussed. Because that's been a problem on your ankles. Yeah. Obviously, it's the Cleveland offense. Are they going to be able to generate enough runs and I'm intrigued because yet they had one of the lower homerun rates in the majors. The Yankees allow the most home runs of any playoff team. You Know Garrett call had some of those homerun issues you know in the middle of the season not so much as last couple starts, but the Yankees do give up run so. That's to me. CLEVELAND'S GONNA have to figure out a way to knock it few the fence Jose Ramirez of course has been red hot Carlos Santana, great regular season, but he's heated up a little bit the last couple of weeks. So that's the key can Cleveland hit any home runs off the New York pitching and can the Yankees hit on the road the numbers the road splits for the Yankees this year are shocking. Great. Point. In fact, we had a note saying Sam. Millard this one of the twenty largest home roads blitz I. Forget how far he went back. This was history X. number of years but the twenty largest. Were Colorado Rockies, teams, and the other was the two thousand twenty so that yeah. Huge toll roads blitz this year. The. White Sox and Oakland Plankton a Lucas G Lido the obvious pick for the white sox start in Oakland Hey seuss Lazaro gets the start the young left-hander for the Oakland athletics we had serling the podcast yesterday and she mentioned the white sox fourteen in our game started by left-handers Lazardo left-hander. So I was a little bit surprised but maybe that's kind of where Oakland is with their rotation right now. Now, they don't have a clear number one I was surprised because Lazaros last appearance was actually in relief so I thought they might use them out of the end. This could be kind of a bullpen series for Bob Melvin right buster they had the lowest era In relief many team you know really deep bullpen saw even the Lazardo starting I would not expect him to go deep into this game maybe even just one time through the rotation.

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