Episode 13: Who needs some motivation? - burst 01


The San me. This Say. Sanity get off Mar Grass. Coming up on this episode of the old man's podcast. Yeah. I always WANNA be entertaining. But on this episode, I'm trying to be motivating as well as entertaining I wanNA talk to you again about a medical appointments and the time specifically, I'd Doctor Appointments and important information that can be gleaned by going to your doctor. Old You need to be doing that I'm going to muse a while on a common phrase that we hear and probably use ourselves regularly. There really should make us feel good about our lives these days Yes. The old man is a manly man. One of the most manly men you could ever have the pleasure to meet and I do not redirections that's going to cause some problems for me I'm GonNa tell you about that and finally quick motivational piece Fauria. We got to do things on the talk you real quickly about that. The old man's podcast is not just for old men shirts made by an old man that's me, but it's made for everybody stay tuned.

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