First presidential debate — Did we learn anything new about Trump and Biden?



I think many people were turned off by the shouting, interrupting style of the debate tonight. Do you think that anybody's mind was changed to did anybody learn anything new about these two candidates? No, I don't think they learned anything new. I think we're going to find out from polls and focus group. If it changed anybody's minds. There weren't very many people who are persuadable to begin with. But I think that Donald Trump was so focused on trying to get Joe Biden rattled that he lost some opportunities to try to change the race from a referendum on him to a binary choice. And you know what wanna was talking about which was stunning to me is the question was, Will you ask your supporters to remain calm? And will you agree not to declare victory until all the votes are counted? And that Donald Trump very conspicuously, did not agree to do that.

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