372: Ryland Engelhart - Kiss The Ground, The Story Of Cafe Gratitude, Regenerative Agriculture


Coming up on the ultimate health podcast to create health on a piece of land to set up a farming system. Part of that system is GONNA rely on animal partnership in animals that will be living and dying as part of that system just like there's living and dying of the plant kingdom earthworms or nematodes or micro organisms. There is life death in the system and instead of looking at just one death looking at overall year after year, there's more life holding capacity in. That farming system that's kind of the exploration journey that we've been on. Hello and welcome to the ultimate L. podcast. Episode Three, hundred, seventy, two, I'm Jesse Chapas and I'm here to take your health to the next level each week I'll bring you inspiring informative conversations about health and wellness covering topics of nutrition, lifestyle, fitness mindset, and so much more in this week I have Ryland Engelhardt on the show he's the CO founder and executive director of kiss the ground. He's also the CO creator of the award winning, transformational documentary, film may be Frank. He's an entrepreneur activists in works. Inspire. More gratitude into our culture. He speaks on sacred commerce tools for building community and regeneration, and is the host of the kiss the ground with this podcast. At the time of the interview released kiss the ground just released a new documentary under that same title kiss the ground and it's on Netflix right now it came out a week ago I highly recommend going watching it. It's a real eye opener. This is the full length documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson it shedding light on an alternative approach to farming. Called Regenerative Agriculture and if you've been listening to a lot of the recent shows, this is a topic I've got into at the number of guests and Sa- topic. I'm passionate about continuing to learn more Bo and spreading the good word because just such a powerful way to farm it has the potential to balance our climate, replenish vast water supplies and feed the World Ryland. Such an interesting guy I had a really great time connecting with them and we just had a great conversation I. Know You're GonNa. Love it some of the highlights include how soil is our common ground the story of Cafe gratitude growing up child of Hippie parents the be love. Tattoo movement experimenting with the Plant Medicine Iowa and of course, we get into regenerative agriculture and how this could be a solution for climate change lots of great stuff. In this one, I'd really appreciate it if you'd help spread the word and share this with somebody in your life and I, thank you ahead of time, and now here I go with Ryland engelhardt. Ryland welcome to the PODCAST. Excited to chat with you today. Thank you so much. It's an honor to be here. It's an exciting moment in my life, and so it's a fun time to share and broadcast live up to Ya. Big Movie Release Tomorrow on Netflix. CONGRATS kiss the ground. This is the brand that your co founder of and the big movie is is finally here this is going to come out a week. After the release of the movie so people can go to Netflix and check that out but I to watch the film ahead of time and loved it. You guys have put together something amazing here, and people are really going to get a lot from it Yeah. Thank you so much. It's a gratifying and beautiful moment to have a dream about a message in a story in a narrative becoming adopted at it abroad. Global scale and to be at this moment, you know having that film going to be up in twenty five different languages and available to be seen and hundred and eighty, six million homes starting on the twenty second of September. So really really really excited. Thank you. Yeah. The possibility of people being awakened to regeneration as possible and really creating a new paragon for how we can relate and manage land agriculture in a way. That actually can have a net benefit versus a destructive degenerative effect on our planet. So at a moment when there's a lot of divide, a lot of sides, a lot of opinions and I just excited to be bringing a message of unity and togetherness and that soil is our common ground and that here's a something that we can all rally behind and support, and that was the thing that kind of took me by.

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