Tribal plaintiffs claim victory in U.S. Census lawsuit


This is national. Native News Antonio Gonzalez leaders of the Hilo, River Indian community and the Navajo Nation say they scored a victory in litigation to make sure there's a complete and accurate US census count the tribes another plaintiffs requested census operations continue through October thirty first instead of the end of September last week Federal Court ordered the twenty twenty cents count to continue until the end of October governor. Steven. Rayle Lewis in a video message to his community decisions to complete the census in September due to an appeal that could give us some more time for us to keep working together count up. But the United States has already appealed that ruling and it may end up going to the supreme. Court. So data extension is far from certain and counting could come to an end as soon as thirtieth. So we have to go by what we know. That we have until September thirtieth for anyone who has not completed the census to fill out there for the census was initially planned through. October thirty first. But in August the trump administration shorten the time setting a new deadline in September Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez in a statement praise the ruling and said, the pandemic has been a setback creating many challenges to get people counted especially in rural areas. As of Thursday the Navajo nation's response rate for the twenty twenty cents. This was only twenty point five, percent thirty percent of he'll river Indian community members have not completed the census this summer the Census Bureau reported the National Response Rate was more than sixty percent. Last week the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia determined. Alaskan. Native corporations are not tribal governments under the cares act and not eligible for funds. The ruling is a win for tribes sued over Alaskan native corporations getting a share of the eight billion dollars in cares act funds for tribes tribes, which filed the litigation and include some Alaska tribes. Claim only tribal governments should be allocated cares act dollars. The court held that an sees are not federally recognized tribes and include some of the largest and most profitable corporations. Alaska an appeal is likely. The AMC's have the support of Alaska's congressional delegation about five hundred, million dollars in cares act funding remains for tribal governments, how it will be dispersed if tribal plaintiffs. In to be determined. Hopi Tribal Chairman Timothy New von Jemma is asking you senators to reauthorize the Special Diabetes Program for. Indians. He testified virtually last week before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs the Hopi tribe in Arizona has utilized the program for more than twenty years to provide diabetes prevention through education fitness and finding ways to address food insecurity. The community health approach also incorporates Hopi Culture. The pandemic has impacted in person services which are now virtual. We're currently offering the wide array of online fitness classes for Monday through Friday including native fitness which incorporates traditional Hopi Song and dance. In addition ages DP is hosting the fitness books challenge were participants earned fitness bucks by completing a virtual fitness class. Classes. That are held in hope you wellness centers facebook page they just DP also modified to programs that celebrate the hoagies long standing tradition of running. The Twenty Eighth Annual Hundred Mile Club. Event just wrapped up and despite it being virtual, there were nearly eight hundred participate participants, ages five and up legislation introduced. The summer seeks to reauthorize the special diabetes, program for Indians for an additional five years and increased funding to two hundred million dollars per year I mean Antonio Gonzalez.

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