US entering 'different' phase of coronavirus outbreak


Surpassed Britain as the country with the third highest Corona virus death toll on Friday. What happened across the United States we bring in Santonio, first news national correspondent Michael Bauer. So what did happen in the United States? We know that Dr Deborah Berke, the position overseeing the White House coronavirus response says. We entered a new phase here in this country, meaning that what we're looking at as Faras the pandemic goes is much different now than it was in March in April. That she says, is extraordinarily widespread that there because it was his belief that rural urban areas maybe someplace states and cities. Work socially distant enough from the rest of the country. This remote distance is going to keep us safe, not going to be an issue, she says. That's not happening anymore. We're in a place now where there is no corner of the country. That's safe enough from everything. So while we've been looking at Texas and Florida in Arizona and California for some time now, the Sunbelt states you're looking at over the past week period of time, the largest surge of infections happening in Alaska, Hawaii, Missouri, Montana and Oklahoma. So sort of all over the place. Some of those places way more distant from the rest of the country than others. And this is a clear indication that we're in a different level in a different phase right now, what's happening in this country. Now with that? Experts are also saying, Let's not forget we're about to possibly go back to school. We know that some colleges are going to be returning, and there's a concern that we major outbreaks in college towns, but also above and beyond that policy lab is this one group of Children's Hospital in Philadelphia that have been kind of showing models and pulling together models. They're looking at one right now that says As far as a likely spread over the next four weeks. Like who could be the next Texas who could be the next Florida? They're checking out some ominous trends that includes some really, really big cities like Baltimore in Chicago in Detroit, Philadelphia, ST Louis and Washington, Boston and New York. They're saying that they're keeping a close eye on those cities over the next four weeks because it looks like Some of these cases, air headed back those directions. Michael, are we getting a clear picture of exactly how many kids have tested positive for covert 19? It's what we're getting is because a lot of schools still haven't officially returned right. But we do know that some schools have gone back into session. And we know that at least in places like Indiana at one school district, where two kids tested positive and a teacher tested positive as well. They immediately day one shut down those squids at school district and went back to the At home learning process and doing things from a remote basis, and you're seeing those exact came some kind of situations all across the country. You're seeing them in Kentucky, you're seeing them and Utah. You're seeing them. Ah, hole across the country where kids are kind of starting to come back and then boom. There's this sort of exposure to on element of covert 19 in the classroom. My brother Isa teacher in Northern California he teaches high school students, and they just had two of their senior students test positive for covert 19 1 senior at another school in their district. And the school just for decided to shut things down until October. So my brother will be teaching from his classroom, But just on the computer to people who will be learning at home. So are we working on the honor system here? Our parents required by law to report if their child test positive. Uh, that's a great question. I don't know that they're required. I also don't know who's hiding that right now. I'm thinking that that's a good idea. I think you know the reality of the situation is school districts are asking and trying to figure out what it is that parents want to do and what the schools want to do from that point on there making decisions based upon that, But the minute you start talking about bringing a kid in who might be infected. And even though the symptoms aren't nearly as strong and kids or at least that's what the reports have been throughout what you've seen for adults and older people, they can still spread it, so they're still going to school. They can still pick it up and bring it home. And then they can spread it that way. So if you were looking to stop the spread period, it would seem likely the things they do. There is not put kids into a situation where it was worse back in March, but worse than where was back in March and trying to put them in and think that this is going to stop the spread. Meanwhile,

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