Covid-19 and the future of tennis


Folks and welcome once again to the tennis podcast in a particular welcome to David that you heard in our Intri, they are. kickstarter backers of Oz and today. They're going to be our guest. Editors for listener questions special, which means that we will have to remember how to make podcast because it's been a couple of weeks we need to. remember opinions and all sorts of things. Yes, there are questions about the ultimate tennis showdown mat-su. Dust off your knuckles. He's easily in fighting mood today's map because as I look at him here on my laptop screen. He is wearing his Fulham shirt. You Resplendent Matt. Early on the Fulham, sure we didn't kick off for another ten hours or so, but yes quite quite nervous today, but wearing them colors, mets team Fulham. Playing in the first leg of the playoffs, this is stage one three in their attempt to get promoted back to another season of misery in the primarily. Alongside David, he's already confirmed. Be Subjecting himself to a year of misery in the primarily next season. I e the night before I watched. My, team just stumble over the finish line I watched. What fit in the Premier League Neil four down against Manchester ccn about half an hour and Really, did change my mind as to whether I wanted to go open all. It made me. It made me think you know my. Maybe, think back to when we were when we were booking and planning a trip to the French Open. and. Planning our early days. shedule around your. Travel to the playoff finals. Wembley I said, would it be okay if I trip back to London for the final during the French? Open and we decided that that would be content gold, yes. And then the universe conspired against us, and here we are six months later, making more lockdown content. Enjoy everyone. But we love to listen to questions ones, don't we? It gives us a chance to rant and rave and. Give! Opinions about things and it is drew David. They've. Picked out the best of the questions from social media they've they've come up with some of their own as well. And a good questions quite meaty, so proposals fakes ready. Oh Yeah Yeah. Matt's never looked already had a haircut. He's yeah. What do we think of the haircut? It's pretty dramatic as he did. Go four and a half months without touching. Any haircut would have been quite dramatic because. Quite. Did You keep the her? No. As I said God. What A WEIRD QUESTION OKAY! To lockdown, everybody being on. We'll obviously quite a lot of questions that have come in about lockdown about covert about how it's going to affect tennis. Is Kind of unavoidable to to address all of those issues. And try and speculate about a completely unpredictable. Because frankly that's what the situation has been in instill is but. We make our money by predicting the unpredictable say goes. It? I I question. will go with the something covid related. Is the players responsibility to do what safe for themselves or is it? The tournaments responsibility to guarantee safety regarding covert. A Nice easy one. To to to ease yourselves and he wants to take that. Why I don't think it is possible to guarantee anything really you know. The the tournaments rinsed Francis the US Open. It is incumbent upon them to create the safest environment possible and to convince the plaza, the bubble that they are creating and the passage they're creating into that bubble is a secure as possible, but ultimately the players have got to decide whether that's something that they are prepared to do whether. They're comfortable to do whether they're. Also prepared to stay within an environment like that because they cannot be breaking the protocol. We've seen in world team. Tennis. They from what it seems like did a pretty decent job of creating a bubble. Daniel Collins decided to go elsewhere. for I, I mean she. She did say it seems that she needed some treatment for her. What's the condition? She has rheumatoid arthritis which Kim. You know okay. I sympathize with her, but. She brought the bubble and therefore got thrown out a world team tennis. We saw Griego Dimitrov who tested positive for. ovid's during the until. gave an interview last night and He's had a really terrible time with illness I. Probably mild symptoms relatively speaking and yet he said he was in bed for three weeks and he's still feeling the effects of it now so. Players have got to make the call as to how much of a risk they're prepared to take. HOW COMFORTABLE LEAD! Enduring, cyber, there is it is impossible to guarantee safety I think.

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