Breaking Down Beyonce's 'Black is King'


In my life is talking about this. Beyonce's film that dropped on Disney Plus and so yesterday, Okay, I need to watch this. I must watch it. It's very similar to lemonade. It's a visual album, and I didn't realize this and I probably should have connected the dots before, but she was so inspired by being in line King. That there's lying King in Black is king. So you hear Simba like Morphosis talking in the beginning, and I'm like, Why is move faster here and then Nala And then later on, she's talking about the Matanza. And there's Timonen Put Mamba and so first that was like, Oh, okay, I get it. Now I get why it's wanted us to be plus so going into it. Had you done much reading on it, or you kind of just went in and then maybe checked on some stuff afterward. Sounds like Yeah, I checked on stuff afterward. That's generally what I like to do just to kind of make sure you know, kind of get a Clean slate while I'm watching it going, okay? This is how I feel about it versus you know, being tainted by somehow lately I'm the same way use. Yeah. The only thing that I heard before my brother had watched it before me, and he just said you must watch it. And so there you go. That's all I heard. But so compared tto lemonade. What was the experience like? It was similar in the sense that there are a lot of Visually. It's stunning, absolutely gorgeous. I mean, you just think about just her accessories and fashion how many racks they needed Because every scene she had a few different outfits that she wore huge outfits of tulle and Metallic puffy sleeves and lace. And just just imagining that alone is Lau and then I also wonder if her mom designs a lot of her clothing. How involved Tina? Her mom, you know was in the process, so just that alone. Stunning and the story itself. She kind of expands on the Lion King story. But there there were a couple moments now, First of all, Let me just say this, too. I love Beyonce. So I'm looking at it through those colored that vision, you know, because I know that she is gets a lot of pushback for you know, trying to be too perfect and I do feel like it must be exhausting to be Beyonce because she she always looks amazing. She always looks amazing. You know, that's what we expect from her. We expect it to be like just perfect pristine and she did deliver that. You know, so At the same time, you know, I do see that At one point, I was watching it on hills like, Oh, there she goes again, You know, like she's looking absolutely gorgeous. And you know, it's really Beyonce focused, and it really starts that way so she isn't and it's available. On Disney, so you can watch me. Plus? Yes. Yep. You can watch the whole thing. It's It's almost two hours. I want to say, Oh, wow. It's Yeah. Oh, Is there an album that you can video like, 10 minutes? Oh, no, no, it's a whole film. No, it's like a whole movie experience. Yep. Come and they're in with. There's a short song that she does with her husband be Jay Z. Forell is in it at one point to the one of the songs that kind kind of teared up a little because it felt so empowering. She's like a mood and it just Her daughters are in it as well and and her son, her kids, You can see them, Shell says. A song with Naomi Campbell and Lupita and Young Go and Kelly Rowland, and they're looking at each other. Just like you're so beautiful and, you know, felt like good sisterhood. And they all telling Beyonce she looks beautiful or each other. They're telling each other Okay. Build a little awkward to be like. Oh, well, I would like you to tell me how beautiful I am. You do feel that sense, though, because even when they're doing like group dances They're the dancers are all in one color. And then Beyonce's in a different shade of the same color or something completely different. Like a contrast as if that's what you're looking at. Yeah, you're just looking at Beyonce dancing, you know, so I mean, and the hair extensions alone. I can't even imagine there's one where she's on like a Uh, you know what the painters like some scaffolding and The hair is just Like two stories. It's super long

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