Yankees' Judge homers in fifth straight game


Hitting very well. Barnes to judge Curveball. Fly ball deep left field way back there. Erin Judge. Adios, amigo. Always he hot, his second home run of the night. Air and judges guilt. Ricky Ricardo, Still filling in for John Sterling on Yankees radio show was one of the weather. I believe, though he's scheduled back tonight against the Phillies as Raj two homers last night. That one, breaking a tie in the eighth got the Yanks and 97 home win over the Red Sox Judge has homered in five straight. His team has won six in a row. Anyone know, dear We know that you have a good week, I would ask judge this for an entire season. Since that has become the reason I I love it. Nobody hates the Yankees more than Bogue's, and every home run Every clout by judge is just another like pouring salt in the wound, especially happening on the day. The Mets became again the Dumpster fire with you and assess face. You must just love that double dip. Well, And don't forget the book and weekend for the Mets Friday night, I

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