Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has coronavirus


Of the most important members of the Eagles tested positive for the Corona virus. Kyi. W's Dave, You're AM joins us live with the details. Good morning, Dave. Morning. Denise. The Eagles announced Sunday night that head coach Doug Peterson has come down with Cove in 19. The team says the 52 year old is asymptomatic doing well quarantining and he's in communication with the birds medical staff in order for him to return to the Nova care complex. He needs to either wait 10 days from the initial test and stay symptomatic or registered to negative testing these 24 hours apart within at least five days, and he also has to be cleared by the team's top position. Multiple reports, A Peterson will continue to contribute contribute rather from home as you can. While assistant head coach do. Staley takes over Peterson's responsibilities and Nova care. On Friday, Stanley said that they're constantly between their best to stay vigilant. Sometimes you get up you go get a coffee. You may forget your mass. Or sometimes you're going to the bathroom. You may forget your mass. Well, we're all reminding each other. Of course of how serious this anything, Eagle statement also All right. That was dated Aram reporting for us

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