City closing parts of 2 Kirkland parks to prevent large gatherings, Seattle


Triggered the closure of parts of two Kirkland parks. They first told you about the big groups of young people two weeks ago a few weeks ago and now Co most Timmy Mitosis says City leaders are taking action. The city's solution, closing down the dock and parking lot and how to beach Park and the dog at David Brink Park. Olga thinks the move is too tough. I know that they're just doing their job. They're trying to protect the community from the SP Iris, but at the same time there could be like restrictions put on the dock instead of completely shutting it down. First the city shut down the volleyball court, where large groups of young people have been hanging out. Obviously we're in a pandemic and we can't be doing that right now. City leaders say the drastic measures are necessary. Under the governor's safe Star plan. Group. Sizes can't be bigger than five people. Plus we all have to wear masks in any public space. That includes if we're outside and can't stay six feet apart when we have groups of 500 people down to beach, hundreds of people on the dock. We're getting a lot of concerns from community members not feeling safe to come to the park way have to take action. City officials say there is a chance the docks will be open again if people do follow the rules. That's the most Tammy Matassa. It's 6 14 Let's find out

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