Tropical storm warning for Washington, D.C. metro area as Isaias to unleash very heavy rain, strong winds


Coming coming coming in in in the the the D D D C C C metro metro metro area area area is is is under under under a a tropical tropical storm storm warning. Is this National Weather Service forecast, sir Jeremy Geiger. It's gonna start affecting areas probably late tonight early tomorrow and then continue into the afternoon AA AA on Tuesday. I think the main impact with D C Metro area will probably be some strong winds. We could see some 40 50 miles for August. 4 to 6 inches of rain, he says, is also possible with those winds and rain come power outages. Potentially Dominion Power says it's ready for whatever happens. This is what we do We respond where big planners we've been planning all weekend watching the storm. Peggy Fox Dominion Energy spokesperson says Virginia customers should also get ready to potentially lose power. We want everyone to know we're ready, but we also want people prepare themselves because if you do lose power, you want to make sure you've got your own emergency kit. Our pervert W E mail and

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