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A group was this that you were a part of it was enough so that it was self sustaining meaning all of your all of your groceries, all of the the public contact anything it was all within this organization. No, it wasn't on a compound I was out about with the rest of the world but I was not to act like them. I was not to look. Like them not to interact with them. They were not supposed to come into my life at all. So I if they were on the periphery, but it was it was there was a barrier you don't you don't come close to me and it was rewarding for you when you exhibited that kind of behavior. So these are very much judged you're winning losing at this battle. And that create a lot of myself sabotage because now you star. Checklist and being judged on what side of the of the checkmark do I get. A check box or Am I shamed and then they would publicly shame you and they would talk about you behind your back and then people would make comments and I grew up fairly wealthy and that really confused me because. You're taught that wealth is bad because rich people you know there's a whole verse in you know as easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle then to go to heaven. So you're taught at success is actually bad and that's actually was the root of a lot of myself sabotage and why I struggled to to really be successful in business because I was taught success. Is Bad success is shameful. You should not be proud of yourself. So when I started feeling proud of myself, I would literally mostly subconsciously undermine efforts I kept getting fired when I worked for corporate Canada I got fired three times in eleven years quit three more times. I redid my business every twelve to fourteen months because I was found something wrong with it always something wrong there's always something bad. I was not to enjoy my success and then again two years ago and I'm just I'm. Fed Up with that. So So the group is at large its international. You can find them anywhere. There's enough of them in an area that you can develop a sense of community but the that's again, it's not a compound, but it's all about you. You toe the line you don't make friends and you don't interact with the world. And that is bad and so than they inculcate that and what really. The piece of the puzzle that finally slotted into place is in on on never forget it because it's terrifying on Saint Patrick's in two thousand eight at an early morning meeting a man I live in. Canada. So there, I did not know there was frost on the road and as I entered the highway a little bit too fast but not like rocket speed I lost control turn my car around. Went down a three foot embankment tires exploded flipped onto my roof and at seventy kilometers an hour went skittering. You know this close to the pavement crushed against my steering wheel. And then I stopped in my first Berry I thought because at this point I was really thinking of leaving my thought was there wrong. die. and. Then I thought was, hey, this is kinda cool. It's kind of need to be upside down in a car and then it was actually get because I am on a six lane highway but it was at that moment that I realized all of that fear that they were trying to to make me to crush me with was just it was vapor and they were wrong and then there's sort of like well, where else are they wrong and then it was. That, was march by. Divorce. Because I was in a marriage out, you know was Gone through the religion and you married really early because if you don't, you're an old maid and then your prospects are over you know but we weren't happy and so that went I left the church I lost my job because working for people who are part of the group and they didn't exactly side with my. Story So I was a single mom. With. No Street smarts out on my own for the very first time I family turned their back on me for a time they've come back. I, had no friends zero support group and and I don't have work. And it was a really really tough tough time. Not so was what had been happening me from that moment until fairly recently a couple years ago I would retell that story and then I would feel empty and I'm like, why am I not doing anything with the story? It's not doing anything for me, and so I decided that I

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