Apple still #1: podcast listening via mobile apps



If you thought apple was under pressure from spotify. Lipson. The largest paid podcast host in the world says otherwise from their official PODCAST, the feed, Pero, Walsh, the big dog in aggregate are APPs is still apple with apple podcast and itunes coming in at sixty eight point two percent of all downloads for June, which is up a bit from April Sixty six point five. So. Yeah. The death of apples podcasts is been greatly overstated. Another stat from Lipson is the only not point two five percent of podcast to listen to on a smart speaker. Tom. Webster. Has Thoughts about that. We linked to them from our show notes and newsletter today. For advertising how well do podcasts convert pod sites has posted their conversion benchmark reports based on one point two, billion Ad Impressions from twenty eight, Million Dollars Worth of advertising podcasting convert significantly better than social media they say an embedded ads were twice as well as dynamically inserted ones. Dylan, pugh spotify's former head of podcast monetization in London has launched his own sports and lifestyle podcast company Komodo launched at the end of July the first podcast is all about themselves Komodo the startup journey, it's hosted on Spree Cup. Pot chaser has added the ability to connect your twitter account to discover new podcasts and friends listen and audio production company London is looking for podcast producers. You'll find that pod jobs dot net ads ways has added additional targeting for podcast advertisers who use their programmatic advertising platform podcast Garden, company that promised free. Unlimited web hosting has surprise suddenly gone off line the company last posted on twitter or facebook in. December. It hosted at least two hundred podcasts. Arabic podcast platform podium has to seed funding round of Eight, hundred, thousand dollars. They've launched ten new shows which will be exclusive to podiums APP for the first two months and podcast. Makes podcasts out of news websites according to a writer willing to. And in Paul Cost News here's Conan. O'Brien guess what my podcast was not supposed to come back until September. But surprise my new season starts this Monday August third today podcast junkies interviews. Dave. Zohrab. From charitable and previously on we fakes space junk and so left leftovers flirting helpless and space. We fix space jam returns on August. It's a comedy fiction podcast recorded entirely in lockdown and parts of the fable and folly network,

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