Harris leads Miami to season-opening win over UAB


By the way watching the canes it's all about you baby thirty, one, fourteen struggling. If you ask me with UAB now, they're gonNA win the game right but there's just under six minutes to go. Yeah. They'RE GONNA win the game but not the way they should win the game. Let's be fair. Dates win by thirty. We said it today. Should win by thirty and there was a game that I'm sitting here sweating out sweating out that number. And you know what's funny is that UAB's got the ball and they're moving the ball on Miami. They just threw a twenty five yard for a first down. I mean it is unbelievable. They are so bad. It is beyond me how bad Miami is I don't care. You cannot tell me. That beating UAB thirty, one fourteen is good enough. When you say you do you remember when they used to play Miami is to have a schedule where they played at one cream puff at the beginning of the season first game they went sixty six to nothing. I. Mean the other team wouldn't even score. Now they play cranberries and they give up touchdowns left and right. It doesn't matter who they play everyone that that plays Miami's in the game.

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