The story of Trevor Lawrence's life-changing summer

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So we just discussed how Trevor Lawrence is influence has been growing this off season I taking on issues of public health and racial inequality. But last month. The very thing that gives Trevor Lawrence his enormous Megaphone College football was put in jeopardy as players in conferences. Having. These discussions about canceling the season. What role in those discussions did Trevor Lawrence play. It was a Sunday night early August enduring. Trevor. Together again. There at travers fiancee's apartment and rumours are starting to pick up steam that some of the biggest most powerful conferences in college football the Big Ten PAC twelve that they're seriously considering, postponing their fall season, and this is coming at the end of a week. When of PAC twelve players have released a statement on the Players Tribune using the Hashtag we are united. And they've threatened to out fall CAM even opt out of games unless the conference mixed their demands for fair treatment and safety regulations and less the conference addresses concerns over racial justice, and meanwhile on a nearly parallel track, you have players the cost, the country, trevor, and fluted tweeting the Hashtag. We want to wait to express their desire to keep the seasonal live. So, in the Sunday night when it feels like college ball is teetering, it's actually dairying who decides to reach out to Dylan bowls. One of the players the Pactel's we are United Movement because endearing mine Houston gain. If we all join together the players in the we are united movement and the players in the we want to play movement that would be undeniably powerful for players who don't have concrete power who don't have a real seat at the table at least not yet their collective voice with the really hard to ignore because truly. So many of these fires want the same thing they want to play football this fall, they just want to do it in a safe responsible way. Dylan Daring, trevor they get on a three way facetime called a hash all this out to make sure they're all on the same page and that very quickly evolves into a zoom call with a dozen or so some of the biggest names in college football right Justin fields chew behind nausea. Harris And matter of thirty minutes, they agree to roll out a list of demands from this new fused Mecca Movement. It was amazing. How quickly we all got on the same page put something together I feel like the majority was getting spoken for. And we were like, Hey, we WANNA play. We want it to be safe but we do to take a watt mandated and universal safety procedures for Covid nineteen and they want to form players association. And it pretty much the stroke of midnight. These players, Tweeden Unison. But it's trevor naturally whose tweet is hurt the loudest he's re tweeted some fifteen thousand times including one quote tweet from President Donald Trump, and it's just a few days later actually that someone from the White House reaches out to Amanda Lawrence Trevor Lines mom letting her know that the president would like to get in touch with trevor. So hold on. So he has the president of the United States listening to him. Now let alone all of his peers across college football. What was that conversation with Donald Trump? Like? You know I would have loved to be a fly on whatever wall in whichever room that phone call took place the president has said really that trevor just reiterated his desire to play this season but trevor for his part hasn't divulged too much about that phone call. Conversation it was good I mean we just talked about kind of the whole we talked about that. We WanNA play like how's it going? How's it looking for the season and? president trump was just saying, yeah, I think our country needs college football and. then. Some small talk. Yes. We a little bit about what was going on in my life and vice versa. So that was pretty much the conversation though trevor is twenty years old the president of the United States wanted to speak to him. That is remarkable crazy. No matter which way you cut it. So. Let's recap here Halley Grossman because since March Trevor, Lawrence Age Twenty has faced pressure to help mitigate a global pandemic fight racism save the College football season display a level of political savvy and or gamesmanship that is obviously well beyond his years. So what else can you possibly be asked to do at this point? I mean look putting your stamp of approval which he's done on a list of demands that includes creating players. Association is a big deal. That's a radical way to reimagined that amateurism model that governs. College football right now but I think what this summer has shown is that trevor doesn't plan to quiet down you just a few days ago a whole lot of guys that original zoom call we talked about reconvened because they revealing again from a police shooting of a black man again, and so in the days after Jacob, Blake was shot. Trevor and Darien and Dylan, and a whole host of others talked once again to hammer out ways to help to draw attention to the issue and hopefully bring change. Trevor Lawrence football season is starting tomorrow and if all goes according to plan. He's GonNa win the heisman before becoming the first overall pick in next year's NFL draft teams have been salivating over his talent. There have been rumors that teams might even want to tank for Trevor Lawrence this season. So the question really that is, why is he even putting himself out there like this? Why even play the season? I mean that is the question, right? We have seen plenty a high profile opt-outs this season jomar chase at Lsu. Mike Parsons at Penn State today. Oregon. These are first round top ten NFL draft guys but no one literally nobody has less to lose by not playing the twenty twenty football season than Trevor Lawrence. are in a player having a job borough like. Or I don't know an asteroid hitting the earth, his Cossacks to go number one overall are safe, and at the same time, no one has less to gain by paddling the status quo or shaking up the current system than trevor does this system works just fine for him? He is a young white man. He's a young white quarterback, and so I asked Amanda, his mother that seems washing. Why? Why do all this? I put himself out there and she said something interesting she said look. there. are players out there who do need to even if trevor doesn't and there are people out there for whom the status quo and the current system don't work even if it works for him and he understands that now probably better than he ever has and he just wants to help. That's really it know told me one of his goals for the senior only meeting because he wanted everyone to understand that unless everyone is good no one is good and trevor, his best friend took that to heart. Of the day, there's so much division in our country. Just word of some people that WanNa see people together, WanNa see people love each other and I think that's where a lot of the things I do. It stems from that just wanted to see people happy together not divided. With all this pressure now from all of these different places in our country. Landing Atop. Trevor Lawrence's shoulders. What are you personally expect from him when the season starts? Because of the ways in which Trevor Lawrence has stepped onto center stage this summer it's almost easy to forget what it is. That gives him that stage in the first place, he is extremely good at his job. Term Lawrence is an excellent quarterback. Making predictions in two, thousand, twenty, hundred, probably a fools errand. But tomorrow, there's football comes we'll pay wake forest, and if clemson continues to play if they and the ACC and the big twelve and sec are able to play a full season, don't be surprised to see Trevor Lawrence back on the national championship stage. Don't be surprised to see Trevor Lifting the national championship trophy and along the way don't be surprised to see trevor continuing to speak out and perhaps that's one of the safest predictions you can make in twenty twenty. Life to be reflection of what I say and what I believe I've been thinking about everything that's going on and I think there has been some some moments where I had to say some things because it's just the right thing to do and it's time really is just how I live my life I want it to reflect what I say. I. Would always be the same person I want to be consisted. Eliot Grossman. Thank you for jumping on stage with. US. Thank you so much for having me. Pablo.

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