Study Finds Gap Widening Between Rich Pets And Poor Americans

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Or joined today by OPR's unceasing debt reported Charles Dearborn to discuss a new study out of Boston. University? The chose the widening gap between the nation's rich pets and poor people. Thanks for having me Leslie Charles. We've long known that it's easier to be a charmingly named pet of a rich person to be an impoverished human, but it sounds like the situation is worsening the gap grows exponentially wider every. Day Leslie on the whole animals from rich families have better access to food more resources and live in wealthier communities than ninety two percent of American families. Here's one of the authors of the Study Dan Characters in the late nineteen fifties in any American city the son of purebred winebrenner Reiner and the son of postal worker were projected to gross the same amount over the course of their lifetimes. Unfortunately, those days are over with the minimum wage stuck in a Rut and a number of workers relied on the GIG economy. The average working class American might have to take on up to three jobs while the of A. Rich family doesn't work any. It's

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