House approves additional Postal Service funding while Trump threatens veto


Rare Saturday session for Congress as the House passed a measure from Democrats to rescue the US Postal Service. The bill promises $25 billion to shore up the post office ahead of November's election. When it is expected to handle a surge of mail in ballots because of the pandemic. It would also reverse recent changes that have slowed down mail delivery. Although the bill was expected to pass correspondent Suzanne Malveaux says there were some surprise. The final vote was 2 57 Democrats to 31. That story here is 26 Republicans joined them. This was an indictment. Of the Trump administration and outright rejection of the GOP leaderships messaging, the talking points and what we have heard before that. Somehow this was a hoax. It was a sham. It was a scam that there was no reality behind the really concern of what was happening in terms of the Postal Service's ability to deliver the mail What we saw Anecdotally from Republicans and Democrats was that their constituents and their voters were complaining. They were saying, We are not getting our packages. We're not getting our prescriptions on. We are very concerned about this. We even saw the chair of the oversight Committee House Oversight Committee. Carolyn Maloney today presenting new documents from Internally from the Postal Service, saying that yes, about 10% of the male had slowed down in terms of its delivery that it wasn't being processed on time. Well. The measure is far from a done deal, despite its approval in the House because the Republican led Senate is unlikely to even vote on it. And the White House has threatened to veto it if it even got that far. The Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer. He's calling on the Senate to put the bill on the floor and pass it as soon as possible to save the Postal Service and quote to protect our democracy. President. Trump has repeatedly claimed that voting by mail is vulnerable to fraud, although he nor his campaign have produced zero evidence of that.

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