Interview With Sue Bryce

The Candid Frame


Before. You came to California where you living in a New Zealander or Australia I is born and raised in New Zealand in threes and Sydney before Cava. Said kind of this kind of heat unusual or partly our regular. From. Okay. But. It seems like we've gotten acclimated because you've been down at least four years i. Usually, you down there. In annella. saw. One of your first presentations created live. That's I came on Komo raiders. Probably a lot of people did I buy? That's what two thousand twelve Goes by too quick. Oma Gone. But first off welcome to the show, it's good. It's good to have you. Ever. Wanted to talk to you for a long time. So this finally things are actually came together to finally your story is fascinating and Dive deep into that they can turn. I know that you started your your. Business out of your garage, but before that year during we touch. It's interesting to me that if that photographer for whom he will working for had been more of sort of mentor encouraged more than he did you probably will stay there. Ride. From the business for But those kind of interesting because I think there are a lot of people are in that in that place where they toil the idea. But because of water for whatever reason they never they don't make the leap until you do what you think was should holding you back from going out and trying to do it yourself. So let's be really clear. I was employed as a photographer. So the reason I said I would have never lived was simply because I didn't want to run the business like I wanted to the photographer. I didn't even care about sale managing money or people or drama, or decisions or responsibility. I just took the photos inlet. And I got paid four hundred dollars a week to do that and I built my folio and I hit this incredible job. But as I started to tuned city four, hundred dollars a week was just not getting more and might go friends at the time ten thirty or bought houses and I could not buy a house with four hundred dollars a week and I. Remember, just thinking well is not a rune for me to grow in this through TC toffee studio. I am by nature just WanNa be I would have just stayed employed, but I needed to make money. So I thought thing self-employed was the only way to do that to keep a big imagine and have more control over the work that I was getting and. That just took a long time that. I'd love to learn and the confidence realm and yeah, that took a really long time but I would never have to i. just wanted to be a photographer in to this day even though I build massive business, I, still think I just WanNa be a photographer man. Still come up. Yeah, everyday. Everyday, I think about it. It's story was that you gave a half your business to a friend who helps you by sort of doing heavy lifting the eating want to do with respect to the business end. When when that relationship ended, you went to Australia and he started again and again struggling because you are not able to you know you weren't on, you're unable to sit herself marketer yourself and press. It wasn't the MAC thing of my stop. It was the direct receiving money I had a block around being able to receive money for my craft, and that's what a hint to get through food because I keep putting people in front of me that would do the deals for me. But whenever I touched, it would go to bed because I felt so low and my values. So I started to myself value that twin at changed. Everything changed for me just the ability to tell somebody what I was with without the fear of them thinking I wasn't good enough. So that was that was a big journey from a bit out on my own.

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