Rediscovering Your Sense of Self in Motherhood


Really deep personal question for you guys, boy. We're GONNA get existential today. Ready. The question is. Who Are you? A. Feeling that was coming. On. Are you. Along do we have? Forty minutes by Mike Walk. That's a big question, right and. I think you troll some of the Parenting money facebook groups like the tried mom's on main community. Chad. Or some of the other ones. I see all the time all the time people saying things like. Well number one. How do I make friends as a grownup? And number two what do you guys do for yourself? What do you do for me time But in. That's those are two things that are part of a larger question about who we are as women. Right? Because we have kids a lot of times. Um We forget that we're people. Right. I mean, who who have you guys identify as yourself as so and so's mom. Ideally yeah. Even signed my emails that way. Will you know I was thinking about this because before hours nays mom. Mom Hours Zach's wife, and before that I was jailed daughter and Travis Sister Light. It wasn't just I'm CODA. You know like you always. Me Personally had someone else attached to explained. So, how do you? How do you identify yourself like if you were gonNA, write your bio for tried mom's on main. which we've all had to do right had how do you identify yourself? I honestly, like mine I think starts with my three kids like a mom to ally Caleb Violet, I home school which. Like crazy ton of my time Lake sometimes I'm runner. Sometimes. I'm not very motivated and not a runner. I guess like when I when I identify myself I tend to focus on the things they spend a lot of my time line. And at this point in my life, a big proportion of that time is my children and baked proportionate schooling them and a big like a large amount is my work. And there's not a whole time left. After that. If that makes sense. Yeah, and we'll end. We do kind of tend to identify ourselves as what we do and not who we are. Right. So what happens 'cause we've all gone through different. Stages of our life. What happens when what you do? You don't do. I was a teacher for fourteen years. And that's one of those professions that is very all encompassing. And I left when we moved to North Carolina and I was ready to leave and it was time But even now, I still sort feel like people in order to know me need to know that I used to be in middle school to. That makes there's an. That was times up Laura if not getting. It's a spam caller. Imagine that I am also a person, his screams SAM calls on myself. SMART. They WanNa talk to your car extended warranty. Really important or it's the the blood donation placed in Cincinnati where I no longer live and I have told them not like forty seven times. Like Oh let me update that and They still have. So you're also blood donor. That's good. Yes. TYPO. So. Laura in code I mean you guys have had kind of a shift of identity recently because your kids are little. So it wasn't very long ago that you were just. People. People. So, how did how did that feel when all of a sudden you were? Secondary I guess or who you were was secondary. Trying to think how to like formulate this into words because it's the most enormous shift of your life because you know when you get married, you're still yourself just with someone else but when you're a mom. There's just so word of that. And I don't really know had a had a explain that and it's just. That's. I guess I still feel even though may as two years old that on. A mom not anything else I guess I'm still trying to figure out how to. Make time for myself and figure out who I am now as opposed to who I was before I had kids if that makes sense in how to maybe like put those two people. And Still Bomb Tom for myself but still also. Give my kids as much as I can. I don't know. The other day and that would go so care at in a while. You know like it's just it's just different especially with a teeny tiny one in the house is still trying to navigate. How to not only be a mom but be a mom to more than one person. and. There's no going back, right? Right. You're never going to be the person you were before you had kids. You're never going to be the person you were when you were among to one you're. This constantly evolving. Thing and you think about your kids more than you think about yourself at this point in Tom, and I'm not sure if that changes as they grow older. Or. If it. Was Off at school and you talked about that before just how you you still worry about your kids? No matter what.

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