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Well, it was the people closest to president trump is family. They were among the speakers taking center stage last night on day two of the Republican National Convention. Last night's theme was the land of Opportunity Six. Oh eight now thirteen ten K of k a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern. Colorado's Voice Mornings Gail live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios, and of course A. Lot of contention and controversy over all the staging but you know what? That's kind of what Republicans and Democrats do right the party leaders butt heads I, mean that's just normal operating procedure move along nothing new to see here first lady Melania trump in my humble opinion elegant poised as always argued I her husband's re-election from the White House grounds Oh untrusted. Using it as a political setting in a political year. I Love Maria Romo on Fox business, and Monday. She said something that I thought was I don't know kind of Freudian slips showing but. I get it now because she said, politics are just getting more political well in. They truly are because nobody can make a move without someone on the other side of the aisle absolutely losing. So. First. Lady Melania trump saying that the president is indeed fighting for Americans referencing of the coronavirus pandemic saying I know many people are anxious and some feel helpless adding I. Want you to know you are not alone. Then you had secretary of State Mike Pompeo doing something rather unprecedented. Weighing in from Jerusalem Oh hugh the Pearl Clutching Faux outrage. We'll get to that in just a few. So, first lady praised those you know who you are you deplorables. Who elected her husband in two thousand sixteen saying we have not forgotten the incredible people who were willing to take a chance on a businessman who had never worked in politics, of course, calling on the party faithful to award him a second term. She also acknowledged of the civil and Rachel unrest that has swept across the country in recent recent months calling for peace and unity. Now trump as previously mentioned and Mr. Pompeii according to a piece by Alex leary out of the Wall Street Journal. Well, they both bucked tradition with their remarks. It's not at all typical I. Think we could say it's atypical for a sitting secretary of state to give political speeches particularly while on a diplomatic mission overseas and well political activity generally not conducted on. White. House grounds. Yeah. He actually wrote that in this piece it's awful. Now, Mr Peres speech extolled the foreign policy decisions that have been made by president trump including the deadly strike on. Iranian. Military leader, Sulejmani and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem saying president trump has put his America first vision into action. It might have not made him popular in every foreign capital, but it worked now I don't think that president trump will be winning the international congeniality award anytime soon. Democratic led congressional committee but that's his GIG. That's not his job. Right? Democratic led congressional committee. Of course, said, it's going to open an investigation into whether Mr Pompeo speech recorded during a trip aimed at urging Arab countries to forge formal ties with Israel. Well, they're alleging that it violated believe it's the Hatch Act of federal regulations or State Department guidelines on political activity State Department for its part saying, no, we're not paying. For it not bearing any costs in connection with a PAO's appearance and basically said, we were in Aruba at the time State Department saying, no, we weren't involved. We had nothing to do with this much of the program. In case you missed it I just want to bring you up to speed with. Reader's Digest version of ninety two of the Republican National Convention most of the program surprise a I mean, surprisingly at all. I mean. Though it is an unconventional conventional season, we're still going to see the same types of pomp and circumstance that we've come to know. So well during a convention season. Much, the program was divided between praise for president trump's economic policies. Remember trump economy. Seems like forever ago. Done it. And a focus on issues such as abortion, and of course, criticizing the mainstream news media attacks on Democratic presidential nominee carried over from Monday night with speakers warning he would raise taxes will that indeed is is intent and limit business expansion. Now the focus on the economy underscored one of president trump's strengths heading into November despite trailing Mr Biden overall in national polls. Yeah. and. We all view those bowls with a pillar of salt. President gets higher marks on the economy why he delivered on the economy he did what he said he was going to do. Biden campaign. Fired off a statement. Like as many failures throughout the covid nineteen pandemic Republicans and the trump campaign are trying to use their convention to create. An alternate reality and distract from the crisis they created. You know. It's just going back into the old playbook, and again, this is not meant to be a full on pejorative assault on the Democratic Party because once again, referencing when I said earlier, all of this is standard operating playbook procedure and both sides of the aisle do it. President trump made his first appearance early in the program and a video. He said he was issuing a pardon for one convention speaker. John Ponder Mr Ponder was convicted of bank robbery and became an advocate for villain rehabilitation. Mr. Ponder appeared with former FBI agent. This was amazing I mean it was poignant. He appeared with the former FBI agents who arrested him this in a showcase of president trump's work on criminal justice reform. My greatest failure said Mr Ponder led to my greatest success just after ten pm eastern president trump again appeared from the White House for a naturalization ceremony featuring five new American Citizens Democrats other administration credits wasted no time just decrying the move saying he was politicizing government function and that is policies during the pandemic have shut down most illegal immigration avenues. White House spokesperson of course, dismiss the idea that there was anything at all inappropriate about that ceremony. But there were some other speakers as well. Again, following that we are family narrative to Mr Trump's children gave well, I thought some some of the most moving speeches lashing out at the news media and political opponents had tiffany trump saying the contest is a fight for freedom versus oppression. Eric Trump said the Democrats want to de-fund, destroy and disrespect our law enforcement.

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