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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Spear. The Republican National Convention wraps up tonight, President Trump will formally accept his party's nomination for president during the speech from the White House South Lawn. NPR's Sam Greene glasses more Tonight would normally be all about the nominee. A big speech to a cheering, arena sized crowd driving the news cycle. Trump will still get a live audience, though a much smaller one on the grounds of the White House. But the Republican convention is going out amid protests over the police shooting of a black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and a major natural disaster. As multiple states in the South deal with the havoc caused by Hurricane Laura. The Trump campaign today said the president will touch on the storm and Kenosha tonight but said to expect a tough speech that will pull apart Joe Biden's record and applaud quote. The towering American spirit. Sam Greenglass. NPR News Democratic vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris held a news conference today ahead of the final night of the GOP convention. Where is voicing her support for peaceful protesters and speaking out against the police shooting of Jacob Blake this past weekend in Wisconsin, as well as other police shootings involving black citizens. And after the murders of Briana and George and Armand and so many others. It's no wonder people are taken to the streets. And I support them. We

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