Raptors overwhelm Nets 150-122 to finish first-round sweep


In the Boston Celtics. Don't tangle in the second round of the N BA playoffs after completing Four game sweeps. Let's bring in one half of quickies corner. Galen Quickie joining me here on a F in sports. Hey, Galen. Good Monday morning before they boarded you bad. Yes. Toronto raptors that you know they would They swept for Ah. Over the Brooklyn dead. They have one problem, though, Kyle Larry, they're they're great point guarded as an injury that you know that could keep about. They're a little nervous about that. Toronto really, you know, would have fried. You know, there's there's double to seize these playoff. Great Nick Nurse continues his greatness. We just want to end the coach of the year again. So that's your problem. The Toronto has Kyle Lowry could be out. They don't have a problem with their bench outside of Cairo. Lowry not being on it, possibly if he's injured 100 points in that game. That's incredible, Galen. It is And you know if you look at Toronto's roster, like you said, they're bed has been great. And a lot of people don't know what these guys are. You're probably gonna know who they are pretty soon. Just play the best. He's the the boxer considered the best at, uh, the of the best defensive team. No one plays defense like the Toronto Raptors. There, 11 and one in the bubble. We talked about how hot the Blazers were, but the Raptors are 11 and one in the bubble one loss against Boston Celtics took

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