With Milk Sales Up, Dairy Industry Revives Iconic Got Milk Campaign


From, wondering I'm David Brown and this is business wars daily on this Thursday August twenty seventh something strange happened over the last few months we started drinking milk again think it might have had anything to do with pandemic for the last several years. It's felt like the dairy industry been singing swan songs milk sales fell thirteen percent from twenty ten to twenty eighteen according to CNN I one dairy. Then another collapsed under the weight of competition from plant based drinks soy almond, coconut, banana, Oat flax all. Those plants were out to get poor daisy the cow the dairy industry was so freaked out that it launched a pilot lawsuits against makers of those plant based drinks trying to forbid them from using the very word milk. You can't squeeze milk out of another grain they said but for the moment, at least dairy farmers are experiencing a bit of relief with. So many of us eating more meals at home, we're guzzling the white stuff again, it's long been true that milk drinkers tend to drink milk. Not at restaurants. So lockdowns have in fact, helped the dairy business cow's milk sales rose about twelve percent over last year for the twenty weeks ending. July eighteenth CNN reported your kid and mind mindlessly grabbing a swig from the carton added up to four and a half billion dollars in sales this spring, and that has spurred the dairy industry to revive an iconic ad campaign. Remember got milk. Vast company called it one of the most famous ad campaigns in history that campaign was launched in Nineteen ninety-three, its message, whatever you do don't run out of milk over time three hundred celebrities including Britney Spears Dennis Rodman Bill Clinton, and the simpsons all appeared sporting those milk mustaches. The ads became enormously popular by the end of the campaigns run in two thousand, fourteen, ninety percent of all adults were familiar with got milk to Huffington Post Contributor Gene Delvecchio but there was one a little problem. The ads didn't actually work over that same time milk sales declined steadily soda consumption bubbled over guess what those Soda Lovers used to drink you got it delvecchio a former AD industry executive argues the got milk ads were like bringing peace shooters to a gunfight, the gunfight being Pepsi and Coke Monster Marketing Budgets while the to soda makers battled each other milk lost but the dairy industry apparently believes their campaign was effective embracing Estonia the industry's marketing arm milk. PAP has revived the got milk campaign today's ads bear little resemblance to the Owens though. Sure there's still some celebrities Olympic gold medal swimmer Katie decades, viral tiktok video showing her perfectly balanced a glass of milk on her head while swimming a lap. That's certainly a turned heads but the bulk of today's campaign features, regular folks and a ton of user generated content milk drinkers were urged to do silly things with milk and boy did they respond people open gallons of milk with their toes jumped into kiddie pools filled with milk and cereal according to the trade paper? Agra. News will this generation's got milk ads do anything to keep the cow's milk train going if the wildly popular ad campaign of your didn't work well. Be Hard pressed to say that this one is a better peashooter. The dairy industry itself is making predictions. They say they're simply celebrating the quarantine induced sales boost. What is true however is that the competition from those plant based rivals is only getting. Over the same twenty weeks that saw a twelve percent rise in dairy milk sales oat milk sales went through the roof up two, hundred, fifty percent. Of course, oat milk sales are still tiny compared to cow's milk. They totalled only one, hundred, thirty, five, million dollars, but other signs point to the continued aggressive challenge from those gentle plant based alternatives. Oatley the. Leading oat milk maker recently attracted two hundred million dollars in investment funding from blackstone and Oprah it hopes to go public next year according to Forbes, and on Monday good Karma, a maker of flax milk bought itself back from bankrupt dean. Foods investors are Thurston lapping up all of these cream alternatives and no matter how beloved the Got Milk Gad's once were. All this competition puts a whole lot of pressure on twenty twenties version of the same campaign.

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