Ohio Gov. Tests Negative for COVID-19 Hours After Positive Result


Governor Mike Dewine tested negative for corona virus just hours after another test registered a positive result raising concerns over the accuracy of Cova tess governor wine first tested positive yesterday morning. Using a rapid antigen tests with allows for results in minutes, but has been shown to be less accurate that test was part of the protocol for those greeting president trump on the tarmac airport in Cleveland Governor Dewine. Then returned to Columbus and took a second test. From Ohio, State University's Medical Center this time using a more standard procedure known as P., C. R. and results came back negative in the evening that second test which looks at these specific genetic material for the virus is known to be more sensitive and accurate, but more time intensive, and it requires sales to be processed in a lab. Wine sample was run twice and came back negative both times, Jonathan. Lemaire, you're on that trip your with the president right now, traveling this test was administered because governor dewine was going to greet president trump on the tarmac there in Ohio. What were the ripple effects of that News Air Force One? Good Morning I'm today in new. Jersey, don't be too jealous not far from the president's Bedminster Golf Club where he is spending a three day weekend, but you're right yesterday we landed here last late last night. From Ohio and perhaps not in the first line of my career obituary will note that I was in the room when the president said. But yeah. But more than that, it's the governor and that initially initial test. Shadowed the entire trip, the president spent the day at Ohio, which in itself, of course, was noteworthy state that he won handily in two thousand sixteen. But this time around did the polling shows about Joe. Biden shows you president trump diminished standing in this race that he has to spend time resource energy in states like Ohio. Yesterday, he was in. Texas, last week having to play defense and it was as we. We were about to take off from Washington on Air. Force One. When we got news, the governor had tested positive and he no longer will be able to be there on the tarmac when we landed. Of course, he wasn't there president was greeted in Cleveland by other other officials, other representatives I addressed briefly saying that he thought the governor would hopefully would be okay, but it goes to show you the entire. Centered around a speech. The president touted his economic policies He turned toward a whirlpool factory in Ohio, Tout American manufacturing in its rebirth under his watch although, of course. American. Manufacturing sector has really stalled by in the last year or two. But. He chose he can never outrun the virus everything was trying to yesterday and then included a fundraiser as well was shadowed by this, and then of course, last night after we landed here in New Jersey, we got second test proved negative, but it raises questions about the accuracy of these tests and includes those White House. If you remember Texas last week Congressman Gohmert was going to be on the Air Force One. He wasn't because he tested positive. Seems like subsequent tests indicate that as well. But this causes the question. Everyone comes into contact with the president that includes his. Medic officials on the road that includes reporters at the white. House before the one, I took that same test yesterday, the governor wanted in Ohio. We're all screen, and now this has been number of high profile. Cases, governor. But also staffers and reporters where there's been a false negative at first were a false positive. It calls into question just how accurate and safe. All these tests are for anyone including those traveling with commander in chief.

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