A New Documentary Shines A Spotlight On The Lyricist Behind The Disney Renaissance

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Behind in beauty and the Beast Law Mermaid Aladdin was was basically one of the kind of. People who helped raise Disney into Disney renaissance, Disney, animation that we see in the nineties and he tragically died early from AIDS and This, movie directed by Don. Hahn goes into his life and his contributions to let that Disney legacy and It's it is direct is made in a way that is feels very much like an in Memoriam type of tribute to him because most of the film is apart from some archival footage of. The making of the songs behind the Beast and Lamar Mermaid is just photos of Howard Ashman and interviews with families and friends and colleagues But the interviews are all done in voiceover and none of the talking heads are seen a good way of making it all about Howard Ashman in all about just like his life in his experiences but in a sense, it kind of made it feel a little bit impersonal just because you're your invoices for a good. but it it works to make it. Solely, about him about about appreciating his life and I It's a really beautiful moving documentary. That is like it's made out of love because it's made by people who uh, sincerely cared about him and more than just like his contract to Disney and I but I did really enjoy the coverage that you see of him working with the orchestra and with the singers in the beast at which it movie opens with it shows them doing be our guest with Angela Lansbury and. Other singers and it's some it's really some. So it's just a really cool behind the scene sneak peek at it just like. To see him at work as well as just to see how it all came together in that kind of energy that before they knew it was gonna be a really big thing but everyone knows it's going to be something special kind of that kind of energy and I. I really like seeing that and it's a great documentary and it's streaming on Disney plus starting tomorrow August seventh. I was a big Fan of Don Hans previous

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