Former 'Ellen' Producer Speaks Out Against Show's Culture


Talk talk show show host, host, Ellen Ellen did did generous, generous, continues continues to to come come under under fire fire for for what what many who worked for her called the show's toxic work environment. Staff have claimed she's not the happy go lucky person we see on TV and is, in fact anything but kind to employees, telling them not to look at her or talk to her ever. Hey, CBS's Dan Mitchinson spoke Mohr about it with Hedda Muscat. She's the show's first producer and Grammy Award winner. Why speak out now? Because I was asked. I did not seek this attention at all. I've laid low for 16 years and then the entertainment community when people have asked me on all the other shows I've worked on after that from America's got talent. I launched that. Two other shows, including Hot bench with Judge Judy People would ask me my bought, my new bosses would ask me. So what was it really like working with Alan and I always said fine. Fine because I didn't want to put that by about there. I had moved on already. But the media approached me about two weeks ago, Buzz feed, and they disclosed to me that there were over 50 people that they spoke to at that point, and nobody wanted to come forward with their name. And I said, Why And they said, because people are afraid I said, Well, I'm not afraid anymore. If you want to use my name, go for it. I mean, you were the first tires on the show when it started. What was the environment like back then? He was saying the exact same Ellen is the cold person. But here's what you have to understand. I didn't I'm not complaining because she was cold. I'm complaining because that attitude that she exhibited in the office which I say cold, indifferent, aloof, very disinterested in what I was doing. I was human interest producer. So the show was really relying heavily on all these human interest segments. She had no interest to have an understanding of the story that I was pitching her the story that we got approved. Finally, you know with the other MPs. Everybody had to approve. The story should know interest when I was trying to brief her on what the guest you know was going to be doing and my many of my segment's fell flat. Because of her disinterest in them. If you weren't an a list celebrity, she wasn't really couldn't care less, But once it affect your work, the quality of your work and your segments, then that becomes very toxic, and it's very difficult to deal with. I'm very strong person. You know a lot of the newspapers I noticed in the UK were saying, Oh, she's just soft. We're not soft. People were very aggressive in the way we book Our guests were looking for that news breaking, you know, first right exclusive story we can handle. Helen's coldness, but what we can't handle is when it starts affecting the quality of our work. As I understand it. Ah lot of employees. Maybe most employees had to sign a non disclosure, Did you Yes. And are you breaking it by talking to us? I don't know. I don't care if I'm in my sixties now, you know, asked me 10 years ago. You had probably care. I don't care anymore. You know, the media asked me. You know what? I go public with my name because everybody was afraid. And I was Sure why not? And I'm doing this for a bigger reason to have a daughter, who also is making her way in the work environment. She's only in her twenties, and I just just like the meat to movement. Change the culture. Of how women are treated in the workplace. Hopefully, black lives matter. Huge. Hopefully that will continue continue making amazing changes in our society. I'm hoping that this is you know the whole toxic work culture changes, too, because we can't do our jobs effectively when you work for someone who allows her co M P. Ed Glavin to go off on people in a rage she witnessed. I was in the room when she went when Ed would go off in a rage with veins bulging and she would laugh and say. Oh, every production needs its dog. But we knew that we were going to be at the receiving end of that screaming rant at one point so we can handle it. It's not like Oh, gosh, poor us. It's just that her mantra of be kind is so fake, and I think that's what disgusts me so much don't do that. How it's turned to them have to go. Be kind. We know who he is. I work for Simon Cowell's And he was amazing to work with very tough, very abrupt but to the point but professional and it made me a better producer. There's nothing that I can take away from the Ellen Show that made me a better producer. Okay, we only have. Unfortunately, about 30 seconds left to go. I want to ask you these claims of sexual harassment. Was this going on back then, when you started with the show I don't know. I wouldn't know that I was an older woman there. I would not know what went on behind closed doors. But if my colleagues they're saying it, I believe it. And now that this has all come out in the open. Do you think this is going to be the end of the show? I would like to see it be the end of the show. Yes. And that was had a Muscat, former producer with E. Ellen de generous show that wasn't exclusive with K CBS anchor Dan

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