Buffalo Bills’ Tre’Davious White not among 66 NFL opt outs


Was D day. When it came to NFL players, opting out 66 players around the NFL decided to sit out the season. The deadline was four o'clock eastern time. That was part of a plan. At the NFL and the Players Association approved on July 24th the open training camp as schedule as well as canceling preseason games in Fitzsimmons. One guy decided to let people know exactly what he was thinking about doing. And boy he called Holy. You know what for, and his name, Mr Davis. Why did the Buffalo bills he decided to not opt out after putting on social media that he was considering it. You've known me more than a minute. I'm not in the habit of telling grown folks what to do but hatred, Davis If you're going to opt out, dude, don't put it on social media. If you're going to think about doing anything, just leave social media be. It is not worth it because he caught a bunch of holy. You know what from supposed fans out there? Trying to give him advice about what he should do. And that also leads me to another part of that story, Freddie because today V is white, even going back to his days at L s U. It has always been the ultimate team guy. And when, when bills fans were calling him selfish for opting out, That's one of the dumbest things as a fan of the team or a player that you could do now we all understand that, at least in my opinion. Hey, if not if he isn't the best player on the bills Freddie. He's one of the top two at worst three, but he's probably the best player on that team led the NFL and picks last year. A pro bowler. You know, he is just that you were in 27 buffalo is a is a lock down bad, eh? At corner.

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