Coins and Cash: Shortages, Hoardings, and Threats


Walking money for the rest of us. This is a personal finance show on money how it works how to invest it, and how to live without worrying about it. I'm your host David Stein today's episode three, Zero Eight. It's titled Cash Coins. shortages. Forty and threats. Weeks ago, my daughter and I were at a bakery buying a couple of loaves of bread. We didn't have the exact change and they didn't have the coins to make chain. So they rounded down, we got a small discount. This week I was going through the McDonald's drive through, and there was a sign that said due to treasury shortage of coins, use credit or debit cards. Round up to the nearest dollar, donate the different to Ronald McDonald house charities or use exact change on cash transactions. There is a coin shortage in the US right now. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told Congress last month. What happened is that with the partial closure of the economy, the flow of coins through the economy, it has gotten all. It's kind of stopped. We've been aware of it. We're working with the meant to increase supply while working with the reserve banks to get this apply to where it needs to be. The Agency of the US Treasury responsible for minting coins is the US. Meant it was established in seventeen ninety two by Congress when it passed the coinage Jack and it chose Philadelphia as the site of the I meant. Now, the US mint operates production facilities in Philadelphia, San, Francisco Denver, and West Point. Every two years, Congress requires US Treasury to give a report on the US mint its budget and its cost to produce its coins. In twenty twenty, the US meant projected that it would produce fourteen billion circulating coins. Including eight and a half billion pennies. One point, three, billion Nichols two point, four, billion times. One Point, eight, billion quarters. Now. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the US mint cut back production of circulating coins in March and April. Year to date through July, they had produced eight point, two, billion coins. They said, they were back up to full capacity by mid. June anticipate producing one point six, five, billion coins per month. That would equate eighteen point, one, billion coins. But here's the thing about circulating coins in the US and other countries. The meant only contributes a relatively small percentage of the new circulating coins each year twenty, nineteen, it was seventeen percent. New. Coins. Going into the supply chain? The remainder came from third party coin processors are recyclers as individuals by things they get back and there are machines where you can put your spare change and it will sort it and this recirculating process. Make sure there is a sufficient supply of coins that has broken down. A couple of weeks ago, meant issued a bulletin, which said, we ask that the American. Public start spending their coins, depositing them or exchanging them for currency at financial institutions or taking them to a coin reduction kiosk. The coin supply problem can be solved with each of us doing our part. This isn't the first time that there has been a coin shortage. There was one in the early nineteen sixties in the US.

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