Cathy Smith Dies at 73: ‘Sundown’ muse who injected John Belushi with fatal drug dose


Admitted admitted to to injecting injecting John John Belushi Belushi with with heroin heroin and cocaine that led to his death, has died. No Cathy Smith had been in failing health for the past few years. She was 73. In the 1986 plea bargain. You might remember that Kathy Smith pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter and several drug charges and served a one year prison sentence in California. After being released, she was deported to her native Canada, where the former backup singer reportedly took a job in Toronto as a legal secretary. I didn't know that whole history on her. Oh, not at all. And that's what you're known for, you know? Yeah, I was. You know what? I know The fact of that, you know, in your bio. If it's not line one, it's line Tio. It's apparently if that had not happened, what she would have been known for and remembered for is being the subject of the Gordon Lightfoot song Some down gets used to date him. Oh, really? She's hanging around those Canadian rockers. Fags. Awesome. I had no idea the chicken mcnugget of

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