Chicago Police Monitoring Situation in Kenosha After Police Shooting Sparks Protests


Protester in the streets of Kenosha for a second straight night. They're angry over Sunday's police involved shooting of an unarmed black man 29 year old Jacob Blake, originally from Evanston. W jeans, Rhona Tumulty is there I could see people in front of a police line. The crowd members of the crime were were throwing throwing what what appeared appeared to to be be water water bottles bottles at at police police in in response, response, please please fired fired something something at at the the crowd. crowd. I I don't don't know know exactly exactly what what it it was, was, but but it it did did seem seem to to be be some some sort sort of of a a gas. gas. It may have been pepper spray. But shortly after all of that we did here, police of saying that the crowd needed to disperse here or tear gas would be released. Blake survived multiple police gunshot wounds. He's hospitalized in stable condition. To Kenosha Police officers have been placed on administrative leave for the investigation. It's being conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

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