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Entertainment. Well, looks like there's a new lady in Brad Pitts. Life gratis been spotted vacationing in the south of France with 27 year old German model Nicole Potter rosky. Cole, who goes professionally by the name of Nico Mary, has graced the covers of both Harper's bizarre Germany and the September issue of Elle, Germany. The daily Mail reports that the model wanted to become a marine biologist before being discovered at the age of 13 by a talent scout at Disneyland. Paris. She is the mother of a young son Thie. FBI's looking into allegations by ousted NBC Universal vice chairman Ron Meyer, and he was the target of an extortion plot stemming from his relationship with actress Charlotte Kirk. Myer stepped down this month after revealing that he had an affair with a woman seven years ago. He said that unnamed people try to extort money from him over the relationship. Reports allege one of those people was Kirk's current fiance, Hellboy director Neil Marshall. He strongly denies those claims. And Katy Perry and fiance Orlando Bloom have announced the birth of their baby girl. Daisy

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