Open up in Arizona in Texas and look what happened there.


Reported shooting. Garrett was transported in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the face. A five year old girl is in stable condition after being struck by a stray bullet. Before dawn Saturday in Columbus, Columbus, police said the child was in bed when an unknown suspect fired multiple gunshots into ahome response to Corona virus continues to be one of the biggest issues of the presidential campaign Saturday on Cavuto Live with Fox Congressman Tim Ryan of the Youngstown area. Lam Best of President Trump for his response during the early days of the pandemic. And the administration's policy on public mask wearing the president was literally while a warning that he was wearing a mask. But vice president Pence was in Ohio. I remember he got bigger than what a couple 100 people not wearing a mask, encouraging Florida Open up in Arizona in Texas and look what happened there. That does not have that happen. 21 Corona virus deaths are reported Saturday while Ohio's cumulative cove in 19 case grew by 1216. Saturday's Maple Heights at Holy Name football game was postponed because the Holy name player tested positive for covert 19 Chiyoko County Health Commissioner Terry Allen. One student athletes to understand that contact tracing for Corona virus is very important. And so I think when the risk is explained, and they connect with with the people that they trust in the community, and we hear from their families and critical people within the school environment that they trust We end up getting information we need in most cases, school districts across Ohio or confirming cases of Corona virus. I'm Macy Jepson.

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