Material Shortages, Paneled Ceilings, and To Vent or Not to Vent


This is senior editor patron mccomb. Today I'm joined by Rob Watson digital brand manager. Hey. there. Kylie Jacques Design Editor. Hello. And producer. Jeff. Rose I. Well, it is a pleasure to see you all this morning. Thanks again for joining me. Pleasure. So I want to start off lending briefly Kylie someone commented on Itunes with regard to the podcast, and they said some very nice things many more about us. So you should definitely take a look at that. I want to encourage all of our listeners to please review the podcast it really helps us out both in terms to know that we're doing a good job and to help others find it. So if you do that for me, I would be super appreciative. That com that was dated on July twenty ninth but prior to that the most recent one was like the end of April. So. Get to. Work People. And thank you in advance I. Look At. Rob, what are you doing? What have I been doing? Well, you know. I. Keep talking about that Porch but kind of done with there's nothing new about. Other night other than last night i. just sat out there and enjoyed a glass of wine even though it's not completely done yet just sat there and watch the sunset. So drinking hooch on your new deck is the best thing ever. But actually the next project I'm not actually the next project because it's a big one is It's been so hot and Muggy lately that for years on and off have been like do do we want to pool problem is we're very particular about our garden and I would I would have wanted my daughter was little thrown up crappy pool in the backyard just to cool off but it doesn't fit into the. Landscape design apparently of our property. So So We've been totally disagree I went above ground. Pool absolutely. Fantastic. As. Long as I picked, the right would grain right? Well, I, I was going to get I was GONNA. Actually just plant some. Or Tall. Grass in front of it so that you know you can kind of hide it but the problem is I just don't have the space for that. So we've been talking about we've a narrow lot with a twenty foot setback from both sides and it's sixty feet wide. So that means we could just put something in the middle of our yard and there's not very many places to do that. We found this one garden bed that we're willing to take a chunk out of. And possibly dig in and put build a concrete soaking pool. So it's something that it's something that. Is Basically. Yeah. Basically, it's bigger than a hot TUB, but it's not something you can swim laps in. and. and. Probably. Even. Though seems kind of a bit labour-intensive thing. Probably do it with pouring slab in doing a block wall and plastering the block wall in doing stone coping in behind the why you think that sounds labor intensive. Well, actually I had. I had this great idea My. Daughter about how hard liens working on your property tactic. Even offered her a little bit more money than you're paying per hour. Maybe she could dig. Don't you dare? Rolling. So it would probably stick up about it would be right in the lawn. So probably stick up about sixteen inches out of the lawn with a stone top on it so that it would act like a garden benches well and Maybe That or not your own disaster at well, I've actually been just searching around for ideas on. Pinterest in elsewhere and phones mice examples have found some one example of some women in. The. Netherlands who built one by herself and his. All this cool stuff. All these cool details that she did is basically the same methods of construction and one of the coolest things was that Like well, this too small swim in this thing and those those jet pools you can swim in place or like thousands of dollars. While this woman bought thing, it's a it's a harness that you hook to some d rings in the corner of the pool and it doesn't same thing holds you back. Easy swam against this idea the harness. For A jet. You don't need a jet you swim in place to harness keep you from swimming forward You know I'll help dig thing if I can use it now on that. Okay. Sure to harness. Of wacky and honestly the Dickens give me really easy because. All the sand is going to be wheelbarrow downhill from the site and my my ground is all it's like a thirty. Patients one. GOING DOWNHILL My ground ground is all course sand. So a guy I dug a trench to my barn for conduct wants by hand and it was no big deal. Easy.

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