In a statement last night, the president said his brother was


Protesters in California against police brutality and have been marching. The protest so far have been peaceful Demonstrators chanting Take it to the streets! President Trump's younger brother, Robert Trump has passed away after being hospitalized in New York. He was 71 years old. In a statement last night, the president said his brother was his best friend. Former Illinois governor Jim Thompson has also passed away, knowing his big Jim his prosecutions of public officials in the state infamous for public corruption. Help catapult him to become Illinois's longest serving chief executive, the moderate Republican from Chicago. He was first elected in 1976 and served four terms navigating the state through the recession years in the 19 eighties. Thompson had been recovering for several weeks from heart problems. He was 84 years old Rhonda roster reporting, California's utilities are bringing back power to thousands of customers across the state after a brief outage, according to the authority that operates the power grid. The California Independent System operator says the brief rolling blackouts across the state were caused by the failure of a power plant and the loss of wind power. In that order, the end of the blackouts last evening when the wind power finally increased, and things are gradually getting back to normal. More on these stories, townhall dot Come

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