State Police Identify 2 People Found Dead in SUV Submerged in Boston Harbor


The two people whose bodies were pulled from an SUV found submerged in the Boston Harbor. W B Z T V's Tiffany Chan has Mohr Friends and family of one of the victims found in that submerged vehicle, 21 year old Tatiana Morale is gathering in New Bedford, lighting candles and comforting one another. They're also describing the young mother as a truly caring person who always put our son first. Literally. The last message I got was. I love you to some of her last words before 21 year old Tatiana Morales, whose body was found in a car submerged in the Boston Harbor, along with the body of 21 year old Giovanni Pierre. She met this kid through mutual friends and through social media and state police pulled the white SUV about 15 feet out from Black Falcon Terminal Friday. They're investigating the deaths. And why the vehicle ended up in the water. The father of malice is one year old son, Jason Neuron says he's looking for for answers answers to to Jason Jason added added that that it it brings brings him him comfort comfort that that he he finally finally has has some some answers. answers. That That family family also also setting setting up up a a go go fund fund me me page page for for the the funeral funeral arrangements arrangements from from New New Bedford. I'm Tiffany Chan for W. B. C news.

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