Astronomy from Mars: NASA's Curiosity Rover Snaps Images

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Occasionally. Even Nastase Curiosity rover stops to gaze at the stars. This is innovation. Now, bringing you stories behind the ideas that shave our future it was the two, thousand, seven, hundred, eighty, four, th day, or soul on Mars. NASA's curiosity rover aimed its mast cameras skyward about seventy five minutes. After sunset the purpose of the brief I session was to gauge the twilight brightness during this time of the year on Mars, there's more dust in the air to reflect sunlight making it particularly bright similar to bright twilights on earth after large volcanic eruptions on this particular evening the dust in the Martian. Atmosphere was thick enough that not even moderately bright stars were visible, but a to image twilight. Panorama reveals earth in one frame and Venus in the other both planets appear as mere pinpoints of light in the distance since landing in two thousand twelve, the rover has captured Blue Martian sunsets, passing asteroids and images of Mars two moons, Phobos, and Dimas as they transited across the sun and the images captured by curiosity make astronomers here on earth long for a chance at stargazing for months

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