Day 1,330: Trump invokes FDR and compares himself to Churchill at packed rally - burst 07


One of many ways that not only donald trump will have to answer to voters in November but that beyond that, we have to ensure that no American president is this deficient is this derelict in his or her duty again and put the mechanism mechanisms in place so that we never have to live through something like this again. Jonathan Lemere, play this for you and our audience here is the president tonight in Michigan. We've brought you a lot of car plants. We brought you a lot of car plants. You know that right on November. Third Michigan you better vote for me I. got you so many. Damn far. So remember this is in Michigan where the only thing more cruel than the economy has been the march of the Corona Virus the reason people were perhaps looking at each other and the crowd. The Detroit free press instantly pointed out that only one new major assembly facility at jeep plant on the east side has been announced during trump's term Jonathan. The auto bailout was under Obama veterans choice was under Obama for that matter didn't stop him from going there on both of these fronts tonight.

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