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By friends at Morongo Morongo play it safe good times NBA update for you. The Raptors lead the Celtics Ninety Eight, ninety four just under three minutes to go and if the raptors win, it goes to a seventh game that will happen on Friday night. Friday afternoon here on the West Coast but. Momoh the raptors still have this little engine that could thing going on I think Boston's better than them, but they just defending champs like. What's not line never underestimate the heart of a champion. But that's not going out soft and my Pascal. That's you chase them Pascal Stack and just turn the ball over. He's been playing. Z., what do you? What do you think if this goes to a game seven? I think right I think Boston is the better team do you believe? That the raptors are capable of winning a seventh game against a team that has superior talent to them. Well, I don't know if they have superior talent. But I will say that they certainly have superior brand recognition. People summarize last season's championship as colliding a bunch of dudes right and I didn't believe that was shoe before and I don't believe is true now and I don't think anyone else does now they're the defending champions they didn't lose coli but it's roster that's deep and loaded with a freaking fantastic coach and they're doing with those opposed to do which is fight. Yeah. Yeah. They are. They're playing pretty well, it's ninety, eight, ninety eight with just under two minutes to go now. Tight one going down the stretch keep you posted on what's going on mobile. You mentioned Billy Donovan earlier you are NBA insider resident NBA insider what options do you think Billy Donovan has? Mentioned Chicago I've heard is the mentioned in Philly I wouldn't be surprised if he goes back college of another another possibility him, there's a lot of programs that to have that name recognition. It's just going to be up to him whether what he wants to do in his career. But it was interesting I. Love that. I. Love this little detail exam Presi. Prestige Oh. He is a very disciplined person in general I. Remember I went on this story with him a couple years ago and hung out Oklahoma City for a couple of days like everything he was doing was like he eats ride he gets the eight hours, sleep every night like make sure everything's perfect prey like even just walking around their. Health food. They made their own beef jerky. Sampras. Tells the story that he has this meeting with Billy Donovan where it both kind of know it's the end it. Both kind of know like case contracts up on what we're going to do, and they just started. They just opened up a couple of beers and started telling stories. I was like, when is the last time? Samples had a beer I can't picture. Yeah it was probably a long time ago. Z of all those potential sponsors for billy. College Baby. Chicago maybe filling their spot. You'd like to see him in I wanted to see him stay in the league. I think he's proven it. He. Wasn't great at first but he got way better he's gotten way better. Yeah. seriously. I know that Chris? Paul is a lot of credit for the champion for the team you're making it.

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