The Black Lives Matter generation remembers John Lewis.


By the results of those very tests. US, Congressman John, Lewis died on Friday night months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at a pivotal moment for race relations in the United States, protesters in cities from coast to coast, a demanding widespread reforms in the wake of the May twenty fifth police killing of Floyd of all the ways that John Lewis influenced American. Life and politics. He's indelible impact on young people may be among the most enduring from student activists to elder statesman Louis continually encourage. Encourage the nation's youth to start good trouble and modeled just how to do that. He was arrested alongside millennial activists pushing for comprehensive reform of US immigration laws in two thousand, thirteen for the black lives massive generation, the connection to Lewis is deeper than many may realize as a young man through clouds of tear gas into hail of billy clubs. Lewis nearly lost his life marching against segregation and for Voting Rights Democratic lawmakers said on Sunday they don't. Don't want tweet so condolences to on a civil rights icon. John Lewis they want policymakers to get to work to honor the Georgia Congressman's Legacy Representative James Clyburn the House majority whip urged. Donald, trump and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to pass legislation that would expand voting rights in Lewis's name Clyburn also called for the Edmund. pettus bridge in Selma Alabama to be renamed in honor of Lewis a lifelong friend. The bridge currently named after reform confederate general. General and Klu Klux Klan leader became a critical site during the civil rights movement on Bloody Sunday. In Nineteen Sixty Five Alabama state troopers beats peaceful demonstrators there, including Lewis, who suffered a fractured skull? Recent protests have prompted cities nationwide to reconsider monuments and honours granted to people with ties to the confederacy or other racists legacies an online petition to rename the bridge

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