John McNamara, manager of ill-fated '86 Red Sox, dies at 88


Linked with the 1980 16 has died with a story. McNamara was 88 years old. He died with his family by his side in Tennessee. He was at the helm for the Red Sox in one of the most infamous moments in baseball history, Dan Shaughnessy in today's Boston Globe, saying He has already heard from John McNamara's wife, Ellen, who told him Game six is always going to be hanging over him. Game six of the 1986 World Series where the Red Sox spiraled and lost. Many believe it all started when Roger Clemens was pulled from the game when the Red Sox were leading in the eighth. McNamara claiming Clemens wanted to be taken out. Clemens to this day denies it. Ellen McNamara going on to tell Dan Shaughnessy I just want to say one thing. My husband did not take Roger Clemens out of that game. John McNamara dead at the age of 88. Jim McKay W B Z Boston's NewsRadio

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