Hollywood's Good Looking Debate

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There is a great Hollywood debate igniting as we speak and we need to talk about it. So it started with this tweet from one of the executive producers of one day at a time asking what male actor is the perfect level of good looking. But also seems fun funny and Goofy twitter collectively seems to think the answer is Paul Rudd. D You guys agree with that? I do. Agree with I. That is like the perfect. He's handsome. He's attractive. He's not intimidatingly attractive. But he's cute and he's also has a lot of personality. So he's just like he's he's Fine look you know what I mean like he's not like the sexiest man alive, but he's got something. Out. Here. Beers. I think he is sexy and especially when he did a man and he was only like chicken breasts, Barroga's leading up to it with all training. Okay. He turned to ninety Zadie looks going on. Who would be your picks? Yes and who did you pick? You know what is going to have to go down a rabbit hole. So follow me here. My pick was Chris Threat back in parks and rec days where he was a goofy and hard. But didn't know he was hot before he got around all hank, we'll see. The hottest NF heiress God is at that time and you know the minute he got hot s. she was like wait what. I didn't sign up for this. This is not what I wanted to go back to the. Keep on eating your Rama noodles like do not get on this diet. So. Unfortunately. The Globe show inevitable like it just happens. No matter what and it's. It's so welcomed by the person that's going through. But the people surrounding it is like I did want this. I chose Zach braff. I don't know. He was the that popped into my mind. Don't you think that makes sense like he's definitely sexy, but not overtly sexy, and he's just he has more of a specific luck. He's not liked so like he's kind of on that call ride. Oh this. Never, thought that he could. Kind Kinda. See when he's in a good suit like right there in the nice tie women minute. We were we supposed to pick someone that wasn't like overtly beautiful, but just like attractive, like has a thing. It's. Assignment I guess. So everyone just. Zach Braff to be employed. That's when he is at his sexiest is when he's consistently employ and that hasn't happened for quite some time. So he's not that sexy anymore. Why? Don't they every time I do see that graph weather that Craig I saw him at the Hollywood bowl, he always had the hottest girl with him.

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