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I am Max Scoville filling in for Jonathan Dornbush who's having a lovely vacation in it's been a cool it since I hosted the show. So just bear with me joining me right now are my good friends Brian Altana. Hello beyond beyond and Tom Marks Oh. Hey. How're you? How are you all doing? Good great idea. Good. Good I mean yeah I, don't know what this. There's no good way to answer that question. It's been it's been a year Saying I'll put it that way. No I'm glad that there is still video games. I'm actually pretty excited. We got the playstation plus games for August and they are good ones. I think it is called duty modern warfare to the campaign remastered. But more importantly, fog is ultimate knockout, which is a battle royale game that sort of like rooted in Japanese game shows and you plays like being people and it's just I Brian and I played this a each three last year we. We we were like crying laughing. It feels. It feels a little battle royal in a little smash brothers and also kind of a little double finey. Those are a bad way to describe things putting the letter why at the end of other words but we had a blast with that I think that this is going to be, I don't necessarily know if this will be at the levels of something like rocket league in terms of like being introduced ps plus and then reaching tremendously gigantic audiences. But I think it could get close This. This game is already one of the top if not the top streaming game in the world right now on multiple platforms, which is kind of incredible because it's beating out. Games that have been in that you know big serious games that have been in development for a long time that like lower you know I'm glad you're not the only one. I'm not the only one who made the the rocket league connection because that was the first thing that came to mind where like that is a game that probably would have I mean it's a good game, but I think it would have floundered if. It hadn't had like a really big foot in the door to get people involved with playing this kind of weird idea for a multiplayer game and with fog is like it is you know a a battle royale or like it is it is a battle Royale, right? Yeah. You're yeah. They call it that but it requires enough people to play it for to really be properly silly like it's not just like operating a lobby of. Ten people it's got be like one hundred people out there falling all every which way lobbies they did technical Beta test this last weekend, and that's what that's what it hit that huge streaming spike. And the lobby's I think are at sixty people. I played a few hours of it and it's definitely a fun game but I agree that the PS plus sort of like angle is like the first time that was really like, Oh, this could get bigger bigger because I think this game is going to thrive off of novelty in a really really real way and like the developers have all these plans that. are like. We're GONNA do or an add new mini games and we're going to update renovation. We're GONNA add all this stuff. They've got a ton of plans, but like if it's the it's beginning that runs the risk of like you play it for a weekend been never go back to it but if you're getting it free on PS plus in their adding stuff like play back to this game that's awesome yeah. I was GONNA say that we've we've seen obviously the sort of the chase to be the next top performing royal game, and for every five, it have succeeded five hundred failed and the thing is video games take a long time to develop. So it's it's difficult to serve chase trends when it comes to stuff like that because you can have your ready just in time for the trend to be over. But I think this one adds enough like weird goofy newness to the table. And it doesn't take itself too seriously and I think that's what helps something like rocket again, fortnight thrive in that they became this sort of blank canvas for wacky ideas and creativity There were Sony announced in made there was something like forty, two, million, playstation plus subscribers, and so forty two million people are going to get this game for free and even if a fraction of them, download it and play it opening weekend like that's a huge influx of people trying out for the first time. So super cool. Yeah, I'm excited about that. I just like you mentioned this, there's so many there's a veritable battle royale of battle Royale Games out there but most of them are about trying to be really good at the game like they're about survival of the fittest and this is like kind of about like everyone kinda sucks like you can you can win but there's this like level of chaos that really door which I think I think rocket kind of had going for it too, and obviously a lot of people got stupidly good at that game. Against all odds and we're like doing car flips and knocking the ball around for which way. But like I I kinda love these sort of the warrior where it's kind of chaos element to this where it's just. Maybe a win by accident you know yeah, like I, I brought up smash for those before a which is. Not, an, entirely fair comparison because Mashburn there's is a game. Where in the professional sense almost all of the random ization has been completely whittled off to create something that is hyper focused on specific parameters are almost specifically same similar group characters, final destination, no items. Fog is is different because it sort of thrives in it's chaos. In the way, the levels will decide to just suddenly totally screw you over and that's part of the fun to it and I think like four nine has a little bit of that element. But even that is such a controlled experience like you're watching that fog of war closing around you But for the most part like you run the get your weapons, you have a graphic that that is all about preparation and then execution focus has just they just drop you in and you know madness and it's really really funny and I implore all of you with playstation plus even those of you that Dome Check this game out I think I think it might be the next big sport I'm into. There's that there's that classic thing know easy to learn difficult to master which I would say fortnight is and so then something like this seems

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