Cards beat Pirates 9-1


Actually not even a fan. It was the Cardinal's president, Jo Mosley. Yaqui. Ah, he sat in the upper deck. A mascot roamed an empty stadium. No major bursts of energy from what would have been about 40,000 fans. Pirates center fear over Jarrod Dyson took a knee and protest during the anthem. Fired, scored twice in the seventh last night after a catcher Jacob Stalling, singled to write. Ah scored Josh Bell and Ah Colin Moran. A buck scored two in the ninth. Again, It was Josh ballad Colin Moran again scored off up Josiah SUNA single to center. So I went to bed. They were trailing three. Nothing. Joe must have got the lost yesterday. He faced 23 batters through 99 pitches If you care They played again This afternoon. Trevor Williams got to start for the Pirates Adam Wainwright and is what 20 year career for the gun he started for the cards Cold. Tucker made his first Amobi start. Today in right for the buccos. Cards, took an early first inning lead with Paul Goldschmidt Homerun Pirates then tied things up in the second on Ah, bases loaded walk. On it, and then it well, it all fell apart. Nine won the final Pirates lost their home opener. As if it really matters to fans is Monday, hosting the Brewers. I say What is the home opener Mean to fans? Because The Pirates are Going to be Ah. An empty ballpark again. So does it really matter, Pirates tweeting A photo of Ah Large black lives matter Banner, which adorns the leftfield Rotondo right now. You heard Linda's freely talking about that earlier. Did you watch last night or today?

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