Full Auto Friday - Round 19

Cleared Hot


Smoke. North of. Small Wish small I'm making a close now. Ladies and Gentlemen Round Nineteen. Let's get into it in into our weekend. I have four questions selected for today and as usually try to grab them from. Different buckets and I tried to grab them if they have a similar theme. That I have been asked in the past. Multiple Times trying to work my way through. The Cuna here we go. Question number one comes from Justin. He writes. Up until about two years ago, all of my life has been filled with a below average trajectory. Six with only high school education I've been working in the same technical job since I turned nineteen. I do not make much money enough to pay the bills and save a little bit. It's not a job that I like. Two years ago started making changes to my life. I was three hundred and eighty pounds. A bleeding heart liberals blamed the world for all of my problems. I never searched out discomfort. There was nothing remarkable about my. At all since then I have lost one hundred and forty pounds, I no longer blamed the world for any of my problems I take responsibility for my position life. Extreme ownership Ala Jaakko. He would be very proud of you by the way and I seek discomfort daily be it running. In parentheses by the way, fuck running you and I are going to get along Jason Justin. Or lifting heavy objects. I still have a long way to go but I am moving forward. My question is as a result of my thirty five year. While choice I don't feel solid in my position in life to the point that my wife is ready to have children and I do not feel ready. I feel like I should focus on myself more before I bring a child or children into this world as what kind of life can I provide them if I'm still struggling to keep my own head above water What advice could you give someone who is seeking the answer to the question? When should I have a child? Next for you do for putting your voice in the world and for sitting down with miraculous humans. Yes. I do believe that I sit down with miraculous humans they are awesome. Here, we go. But I a sip of water. Okay. Justin I'm not qualified to answer your question or probably any question that I am asked other than I. Advise, potential military service or my experience in the military. But what I will tell you is this What you've done so far in the transformation. In. Two years is awesome. Hundred and forty pounds of weight lost. That's unbelievable book. Go put a forty five pound with on each side of a forty five pound barbell pick that sucker up and that's the amount of weight that you're muscular skeletal system used to travel around with us five pounds more than that. It's unbelievable. and. I want you to go do that actually because I want you to remind yourself how far you have come and how much you have already. published. When should you have a child? I don't know if anybody is ever. In their mind truly ready for what bringing a child into the world. Is like. There are moments of beauty and joy and sheer panic and terror in the feeling of you have no idea what it is that you're doing where the feeling that you have made a mistake and that's all. Okay because that could probably happen in the span of sixty seconds. I don't have. A. Line in the sand that you can cross where I would say now you're ready to have a child but what I would say in your situation is It seems to me that your head. Is Screwed on straight you have built momentum. In the. appropriate. Direction. That lends itself towards the accountability and responsibility and integrity. Individually. For having a child. I know you open the second paragraph with as a result of my thirty five year lifestyle choice. You know what? Though that's your past lifestyle choice. So let's build on the twenty four months or two years going forward. That's the momentum that I want you to work on. In remember how far that momentum has already taken you because you've turned your life around. A losing one hundred and forty pounds is no joke changing your mentality from blaming others externally for what's going on in your life to a position of responsibility and accountability.

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