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Striking nurses are marching through downtown Chicago. Now that they're in the playoffs. The White Sox have their sights set on the division in business. After the first half hour of trading, the Dow is down more than 100 points. The NASDAQ is up about 11. The SNP has fallen to the red as well. Now let's get updated on w g n traffic with Vicky Cocoons Ian. Good morning. This traffic report is sponsored by the U. P s store Male boxing. Just another aim The UPS store Khun Doof for you Sign up for mail box for a year and get three months. Free Restrictions apply. Visit the ups store dot com today and find a store near you, Warrenville. We have a new crash reported at Route 59 Mac. Still some heavy delays lingering on the Eisenhower inbound from ST Charles to the tri state and then again from Mannheim to display NHS Stevenson backed up from Ashland onto the inbound Dan Brian. Ramp. Dan Ryan itself stop and go from the Stevenson into the circle. I'm Vicky conclusion from the Idot Traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. Hundreds of striking nurses and other health care workers are marching to the Thompson Center this morning. To ask the governor for support WG ends Eric Rung is

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